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How We Work

Construction projects are inherently stressful and somewhat overwhelming, due to the many moving parts. With so many urgent tasks competing for your attention, it’s easy to let your utility connections fall to the bottom of the list. That's why we are here to help.

We offer UK-wide coverage. Thanks to our proven track record, you can rest assured that your new connections and metering work will be handled professionally through every step in the process. We adhere to a strict safety-first protocol.
Application management
We make the applications for temporary and main connections. These applications will confirm the point of connection costs (non-contestable & Contestable) from the statutory network and allow us to create a tender to a host of ICP’s which we work with. All ICP’s have the correct insurances, accreditations and we have carried out our own due diligence with these companies.

Project Management 
Once you have appointed the contractor/network, we start to project manage the job through to completion. we will ensure all parties are communicating what works need to be completed (where, when, and how), pre-construction meeting will generally be booked in with all relevant parties (civils/groundworkers, site manager, contractors & Dunore) so we can discuss on & off-site works, service designs and metering. 

Whether the need is for a temporary building supply (TBS), permanent domestic supply or commercial supply, we can take the hassle out of organising the connection of the meter and sourcing of a short-term energy supply contracts. We also support the removal and de-energisation of electricity & gas meters in readiness for the supply to be disconnected or works to be carried out on site.
Site Visits and Surveys
Our utility searches offer a broad initial risk screen of the existing utility infrastructure including electric, water, drainage, gas and telecoms. Our searches also cover independent network operators which are often overlooked. We can carry out site visits to review existing utility infrastructure on site to see if this can be utilised or altered on site. 
We support all utilities









Utility Connections

• New supplies

• Temporary supplies

• Alterations

• Upgrades

• Diversions

• Disconnections


• New installations

• Meter upgrades

• Relocating existing meters

• Disconnections

• Removals

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